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#USCCB18 and the McCarrick Documents

During the US bishops conference this week, my bishop, Bishop Boyea, put the following proposal to vote:

“Be it resolved that the bishops of the USCCB encourage the Holy Father to release all the documentation that can be released consistent with canon and civil law regarding the misconduct of Archbishop McCarrick.”

After around a half hour of debate this proposal was voted down 83-137. You can read about the debate over this proposal here or you can watch the video of the debate here.

Over the past day I’ve seen many negative reactions to the outcome of this vote including harsh criticism of those who voted against this proposal and I wanted to share some of my own thoughts.


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Paul Fahey is a husband, father of four, and professional lay person. He writes for Where Peter Is and Diocesan.

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  • Sr. Dorcee A Clarey

    Thanks for this, Paul. I, too, and in the diocese of Lansing and love Bishop Boyea dearly, but agree totally with you on his motion. I know many who agree with him on this, but I do think it indicated (whether purposefully or not) a lack of trust in Pope Francis.

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