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Everyone?s a Little Bit Gnostic

Have you ever thought that you could convince someone to become Christian or Catholic? Have you ever thought that if you could articulate the best argument for something that people would just have to believe you? Have you ever thought that simply by telling someone a fact that you were adequately showing them the truth? Have you ever thought that apologetics, having the right answers, was all that?s necessary to evangelize someone? Have you ever looked at someone and judged them as having nothing to offer you? Have you ever shared one of those snarky Holy Day of Obligation memes?

I have?and unfortunately still do. All of these things can betray an inner spiritual sickness, something Pope Francis has called ?neo-Gnosticism.? An illness we all need to examine ourselves for and repent of ? rather, I need to examine myself for and repent of.

Pope Francis has spoken multiple times about the rise of two ancient heresies, Gnosticism and Pelagianism. I have written about the latter?here,?here, and?here, but I wanted to take some time to reflect on the former.

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Paul Fahey?is a husband, father of four, and?professional lay person.?He writes for Where Peter Is and Diocesan.

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