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Father Weinandy and Divine Obedience

[D]ivine obedience never prevents us from obedience to the Holy Father. Nay, the more perfect the one, the more perfect is the other. And we ought always to be subject to his commands and?obedient unto death. However indiscreet obedience to him might seem, and however it should deprive us of mental peace and consolation, we ought to obey?.???St. Catherine of Siena

Father Thomas Weinandy is the former?executive director of the USCCB?s Secretariat on Doctrine and, up until a few months ago, a consultant to that same committee. However, back in November of last year, Fr. Weinandy said he was?prompted by a sign from God?to write a?public letter?to Pope Francis where he, as summarized by?Crux, accused the Holy Father of:

  • Fostering ?chronic confusion.?
  • ?Demeaning? the importance of doctrine.
  • Appointing bishops who ?scandalize? believers with dubious ?teaching and pastoral practice.?
  • Giving prelates who object [to Pope Francis] the impression they?ll be ?marginalized or worse? if they speak out.
  • Causing faithful Catholics to ?lose confidence in their supreme shepherd.?

After publishing that letter, Fr. Weinandy was?asked to resign?from his consulting position at the?USCCB. And in an interview with?Crux, ?Weinandy said his decision to write the letter was not easy, and resulted from what he regards as a moment of inspiration?[and] he has no plans to promote his criticism of Francis beyond the letter.?

His plans apparently changed because during a?talk?he gave on February 24th at the University of Notre Dame in Sydney, Father Weinandy once again offered public criticism of the Holy Father. I hope to address some of the major errors in that speech that concern?Amoris Laetita?and Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics.??

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Paul Fahey?is a husband, father of four, and?professional lay person.?He writes for Where Peter Is and Diocesan.

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